You will be assigned QM #, and this must be used at all time as a part of your address. Failure to

do so may result in lost mail/packages or surcharges.

All approved credit customer’s monthly statements are past due after the 15th of the month. All

past due accounts will be suspended.

  •  Rates are subject to change.
  • I understand that all packages must be opened and inspected at our Quick mail Miami offices

for security reasons. 


  • I understand that all packages are subject to inspection by the Unite Sates Airport / seaport

regulators prior to shipment to Jamaica. 

  • I authorize Quick Mail Services Limited to provide customs clearance for all my packages and

declarations on my behalf. I also understand that all packages entering Jamaica are subject to

customs inspection, payments of duties and handling fees.

  • Packages left at our office for more than 2 weeks will accrue storage charges (see rate sheet).

After 30 days after notification items will be liquidated to recoup losses

  • The primary person listed on the non-corporate accounts will be the one held responsible for

debts generated by this account. 

  • Quick Mail will be liable only to the extent of the invoiced value of the goods if damaged while

in a reasonable and proper packaging.

  • Your account will be automatically renewed each year unless you request cancellation.
  • Quick Mail Services Limited reserves the right to close this account for any reason it deems fit.
  • I have read and understood, and agree with all parts of the attached information including the rates sheet.